• Tensile membrane structures
  • light weight membrane structures
  • membrane systems|fabric architecture
  • canopies|sun shades|shade sails
  • Tensioned fabric structures
  • long-span roof structures
  • fabric facades|Exterior uv protection
  • Frame & cable supported structures


International Tension Structures is a US-based specialty contractor of custom tensile membrane structures.

Our tensile membrane structures include moving and dramatic light-filled forms which are engineered and constructed using a high-tech blend of structural and architectural steel and bold curving fabric membrane panels. Whether it be for form, function or both, ITS is committed to developing project-specific solutions that deliver extraordinary results for our clients.

Our approach to designing and building tensioned fabric structures is turn-key and blends cutting edge technology with real world construction know-how. Our professional services include design, engineering, fabrication and installation of custom & unique tensile structures. Our structures are efficient, environmentally sustainable and provide solutions to UV and weather protection on buildings and outdoor spaces which have long-lasting performance as well as innovative and inspiring architectural forms.

We invite you to browse our website and review some of our selected projects. If you have a question or a need, please contact ITS and allow us to demonstrate how our fabric architecture can benefit you.