Is your project seeking LEED Certification or are you looking to incorporate environmentally sustainable solutions into your project? ITS’s tensile membrane structures offer a high impact, green and sustainable approach to achieving these goals.

ITS delivers environmentally responsible solutions by…

  • Providing increased Shade & Solar Protection (thereby reducing Urban Heat Island effect)
  • Providing UV Protection (thereby aiding in the prevention of skin cancer)
  • Reducing the use of non-renewable resources (by utilizing recycled and recyclable materials)
  • Using translucent fabrics to maximize the use of natural daylight (thereby reducing the need for artificial light)
  • Utilizing light membrane fabrics which help reflect heat and glare (thereby reducing solar heat gain)
  • Reducing a projects carbon footprint (by minimizing the overall use of construction materials)
  • Creating highly efficient structural designs (thereby reducing construction costs compared to traditional construction methods)
  • Providing rapidly-deployable structures which are re-usable
  • Utilizing membranes that are free from odors, plasticizers, stabilizers, catalysts, VOCs, and are chemically inert
  • Using materials that are extremely durable and do not degrade during their effective life cycle
  • Providing material and fabrication warranties which far exceed that of traditional construction materials

We further believe that an ITS structure can become an iconic feature to a project, neighborhood or city. And that this functional yet creative and dynamic element can transform that project and area to become an architectural destination. And that makes it not only a good design but also good for the greater community.

ITS has participated in many projects which have obtained LEED building certification. Whether your project is seeking LEED certification, or you are simply interested in a responsible cutting edge building approach, or you are just after a striking design feature then please contact us. We would love to hear from you to discuss our high impact, green and sustainable tensile membrane structures.

ITS…bringing green building solutions to every project we deliver.

Environmentally friendly solutions are a natural outcome of utilizing ITS’s tensile membrane structures.

The choices we are making with our advanced membrane technologies are sound decisions for not only today but also for the legacy we leave on tomorrow.

Although we specialize in an emerging discipline that is unique and technical in nature, the values, approach and philosophy of our company are timeless and simple;

  • We Do What We Said We Would Do
  • We Respect Our Work & The Work of Others
  • We Fully Commit to Our Assignments
  • We Communicate Openly & Honestly
  • We Are Passionate About Our Trade