INTERNATIONAL TENSION STRUCTURES (ITS) believes the products and spaces we create add measurable value to our clients and their projects. As part of our design-build process, we spend a vast amount of energy in the design phase developing the “right” solutions for our clients. But this is only the beginning…

CONCEPT|DESIGN DEVELOPMENTAbove all else, ITS embraces the creative element and is an expert architectural designer of distinguished fabric architecture. We offer creative design solutions using tensile fabrics and composite membranes. The Conceptual Design Services provided by ITS bring to conscious what can be achieved with this emerging advanced technology.

DESIGN-ASSISTANCE|CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTATIONOnce a concept is established, ITS can further provide design support to architects by assisting in the development of construction details and documentation. Specifications and samples are also available for all material applications.

ITS’s Engineering services provide a special structural examination of all components including the tensile membrane panel(s) and their applicable pre-stress to ensure proper tension and loading. This analysis also incorporates the supporting structure and foundations. These services include structural calculations, finite element analysis, loading and reaction force analysis, member sizing, and attachment interface detailing.

CONSTRUCTION FABRICATION|MANUFACTURINGITS thrives on challenging assignments and our passion is supported, at our core, by our fabrication and manufacturing capabilities. Whether it be complex structural steel and aluminum support structures or an array of membranes that ITS is competent in, we are able to deliver on projects because of our skilled fabrication services. Our membrane pallet includes HDPE, PVC, and PTFE amongst others.

ITS’s skill as a specialty craftsman in an emerging discipline is complimented by our experience as a well-versed builder. The world’s top-ranked General Contractors take comfort when engaging ITS and know we will meet the project-specific requirements that are expected of us. Our installation crews are proficient in the variety of membranes we offer and they carefully navigate each projects schedule to erect steel, cable systems and fabric membrane panels in a high-quality and professional manner.

POST-CONSTRUCTION SERVICES|INSPECTIONS|MAINTENANCE ITS’s post construction services include structural reviews, special inspections, routine maintenance, structure modifications, repairs and industrial cleaning of tensile membrane panels

ITS … integrating tensile engineering and construction expertise to create quality, integrity and balance in our tensile membrane structures.


  • Commercial|Retail
  • Education|Institutional
  • Stadiums|Sports Facilities
  • Transit Facilities|Airports
  • Government|Native American
  • Military Deployable
  • Hotel|Hospitality|Casino
  • Healthcare|Medical
  • Parks|Recreation
  • Civic|Community